Arden students enjoy seeing history come alive

Posted on March 25, 2015

Students recently enjoyed a Year 7 Arden History Incursion looking at artefacts.  Mr Rodney Henderson, Head of HSIE at Arden commented:  “Year 7 students were captivated by the mysteries and wonder of Ancient Egypt this week when they were given an interactive presentation by guest speaker, Dr Eve Guerry.  A researcher at Macquarie University, Dr Guerry fascinated both students and teachers alike with reports from her first-hand archaeological discoveries on dig sites and the cultural legacy of this amazing ancient society.  But the real highlight of each workshop was the inspection, handling and interpretation of replica artefacts which allowed students to appreciate the importance of historical source analysis in a fun and exciting way. Whether it was sifting through sands for finds, writing their name in hieroglyphics or piecing together broken pottery, students were engaged in a hands-on experience to remember!”