First Place at Young ICT Explorers Competition

Posted on September 16, 2015

Three Year 3 Arden students were awarded first place in the Year 3/4 division of the Young ICT Explorers Competition. The competition has been created to encourage school students to create their best Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related projects.  Arden’s Jessica Clark, Rachel Gibson and Tyler Jackson presented their project, Safecross Driveway Warning, to the panel of judges as well as to the many visitors to their booth at the Young ICT Expo on Saturday 15th August, 2015.

Safecross Driveway Warning is a sound and light warning system designed to be installed across driveways near schools to protect children from reversing cars.  The children designed their program using Scratch and made the control boxes with the help of a 3-D printer.  Although the children were nervous before the Expo, the panel of roving judges quickly put them at their ease. Tyler Jackson, aged 9 years, described the judges as being “very interested in our project, looking carefully at our examples and they wanted to know a lot about how the sensor actually worked and the components of the project.”  For the children, the best part of the process was the day when the project came together and actually worked.  However they also enjoyed developing an iMovie describing the design process, and testing out the effectiveness of the sensor using a ride in toddler car! 

Dr Gabrielle Oslington, Gifted and Talented Teacher at Arden Junior School was impressed by the way the children could talk to the judges saying “I had no idea how the children had worked it out.  Many of the presentations at the Expo were part of class projects done in school time; however Jessica, Tyler and Rachel worked independently at the weekends supported by their long suffering parents.  Arden supported and submitted the project, however the real drivers were the children, whose passion and commitment brought the Safe Cross system together.”

The Young ICT Explorers marketing team were so impressed with the Arden students that they have featured them in a short promotional video for Young ICT Explorers.  For their competition efforts, each child was awarded a $150 Visa Card and encouraged to further develop their project.