Arden recognised as Best Performed HZSA School for 2015

Posted on February 24, 2016

Arden Anglican School was recently recognised as the 2015 HZSA (Hills Zone Sports Association) Best Performed School.

This trophy takes into account the number of students at the School and total points. Arden had a total of 1,028 points. This is an outstanding achievement when you consider that the 2nd place recipient was 635 points behind Arden.

Arden was also recognised as Runner -up for Overall Champion School. This achievement is particularly impressive considering that out of the 12 competing schools, Arden is the second smallest school in size. Despite this, Arden was placed 2nd in the Boys, Girls and Overall categories. In the Girls category, Arden was only nine points behind the winning school. Mrs Jenny Lee, Arden’s Head of Sport, explained: “Arden achieved this result by participating in all sport competitions. This wide representation, combined with the efforts of all our team members, resulted in our pleasing results. Success is about being involved, rather than always winning.”

When sharing this success with the Arden community, Mrs Jenny Lee said: “Let me encourage all students as we start 2016 to participate in co-curricular events, whether that be drama, music or sport or clubs. Through participation and enthusiasm, and not just skill and brilliance, we can achieve great things. God has given us all different strengths, interests and skills, so let’s use them!”