Artists gain places in prestigious art school course

Posted on June 14, 2016

Two senior Visual Art students have been accepted into the 2016 National Art School’s Intensive Studio Practice Course. This is an exciting opportunity for the students as the course is designed to enrich and extend their study within a choice of seven specialised disciplines. The course is targeted at students who are seeking to further their studies in Visual Arts to a tertiary level.

Rachael Egan and Catherine McCartney (both in Year 11) will attend studio workshops in the July 2016 holidays and continue to extend their Visual Arts practice in the October holidays, at the historic National Art School, Darlinghurst. They will be involved in the preparation of a formal exhibition of their body of work open to invited guests upon completion of the course. Rachael will do Life Drawing while Catherine McCartney will study Ceramics.

Art1A delighted Mrs Elizabeth Owen, Visual Arts Head of Department, explained: “Acceptance was based on each student’s achievement at the highest level of excellence and their submission of a body of work in drawing and ceramics. The Intensive Studio Study is a 60 hour Board of Studies endorsed HSC Extension course. Rachael and Catherine’s success at this course will be recorded on their HSC and their work will be formally assessed by National Art School staff. We wish Rachael and Catherine an enjoyable and successful art making experience.”

Mrs Beverley Paskin, Arden’s Visual Arts Teacher and Careers Adviser said she is especially pleased that Arden students have been accepted into the course annually in past years. Many have then gone on to do post-school studies of Fine Art and are making a career in the art world.

Rachael Egan commented: “I felt absolutely honoured to have received entrance into this course. National Art School is such a prestigious place of education that I have always aspired towards, so it was fabulous to have this opportunity.

Art2By doing the course, I am hoping to improve my art skills and knowledge and push boundaries within the education provided.”
When asked how she felt about gaining the scholarship, Catherine McCartney commented: “I feel extremely privileged and excited to have to gained a place in the course. It will be an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to push myself and see what I can achieve.” She continued: “I am hoping to learn new skills and techniques in ceramics and gain a deeper understanding of the versatility of the medium. I also hope to grow creatively and share artistic ideas with other young people.”

Northen District Times Article, 15th June 2016