Students write best book in Australia for Write a Book in a Day Competition

Posted on November 3, 2016

Arden students were announced as the winners of the National Best Book (Primary division) in the annual Write a Book in a Day Competition on 25th October, 2016. This followed on their success in receiving Best Book NSW (primary division).

The group also received a Highly Commended for their fundraising efforts for this competition, which is a fund raiser for the Kids’ Cancer Project. They raised $1,548 through sponsorship, one of 630 teams across Australia which raised $156,400 for Kids Cancer Project. This is enough to pay for the salary of one researcher for one year!

A delighted Dr Gabrielle Oslington, Arden’s Junior School Gifted and Talented Teacher commented: “Providing opportunities for children to write for an authentic purpose is a great motivator. Arden actively seeks opportunities for our students to solve real life problems, enter competitions with other schools and to put their efforts towards altruistic causes. The Write a Book in a Day Competition meets all these criteria, and the task commitment, effort and team cooperation shown by our students was outstanding!”

In The Write a Book in a Day competition budding authors are given only 12 hours to write, edit, illustrate, review and print a 2,000 word novel suitable for children aged 10 – 14 years. Completed books are presented to children in hospital. A team of 10 Arden Junior School students from Years 5 – 6 collaborated on a book called “Potato Predicament” in 12 hours, from 8:00am to 8:00pm. They were sent the parameters at 8:00am and wrote, illustrated, edited and typeset in that time. Describing the story, Chloe Lam (Year 6) explained: “It was about a receptionist being sabotaged at a beauty pageant, supposedly by a cat breeder, and then meeting again after they both won a ticket to go on a cruise. They got stranded on an island with bunyips, unable to get back.”

The students gained a lot from the experience. Reflections included:

  • “The best bit about today was being able to discover everyone’s talents and incorporating them into the book. Today’s memories will always stay in my heart.” Charlotte Last (Year 6)
  • “Wow! Today was amazing. We worked together so well that we were able to finish writing the book before 3pm which was an amazing achievement. As well as the writing I thought that the illustrations were great. I am really happy about the book we wrote, it is humorous, funny and interesting. I really hope the Children’s Hospital will like our book.” Olivia Choi (Year 6)
  • “Write a Book in A Day was so much fun. As soon as we got the parameters, we all started brainstorming ideas that we could see would come together to make a great book. Working together as a team helped us to accomplish our goals and become closer than ever. It was a great experience and a great day to show our skills and just ‘Write a book in a day.’’ Hayley Goodlace (Year 5)
  • “I found the illustrating was my favourite thing to do as I found it a new experience and drawing is one of my strengths. Writing was also great fun as we were each allowed to do our own chapter by ourselves, or with someone else. Overall, it was great fun. I had an awesome time and I would love to do it again for the creativity of writing a book.” Ethan D’Aoust (Year 6)
  • “What a day! It was fun manipulating the characters. It was fun making a mess in the story and somehow putting everything right again. The write a book in a day topic made it extra fun.” Brandon Lam (Year 6)