Beyond the Classroom

Arden believes that the overall learning process is enriched by offering an appropriate breadth of co-curricular opportunities for all students.

Co-curricular activities also allow for the appreciation of individual talents and support the development of the whole child. Arden offers a wide range of co-curricular activities, including sport, music, drama, dance and overseas tours. We have a particular emphasis on community service as we live out our School Mission and Vision.


Sport plays a crucial part in the curriculum at Arden and is a wonderful experience for students, staff and parents to share. We emphasise enjoyment,... Read more


Arden has a proud history of excellence in music. Music has become an integral part... Read more


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Public Speaking / Debating

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Outdoor Education and Camps

Arden offers outdoor education experiences to all our students. The purpose of our outdoor education program is to provide our students with exposure to the... Read more

Overseas Tours

There are many opportunities to travel overseas at Arden, with many of the tours complementing... Read more

Community Service

We have an intentional and practical community service program that is local, national and global.... Read more