In 2009 the Arden Alumni Association was launched following the graduation of Arden’s first Year 12 students in 2008. The Alumni Association aims to provide opportunities for alumni, past staff and past parents to either reconnect or stay connected with Arden and each other. Arden’s alumni have always enjoyed maintaining their links to the School. 

The majority of Arden’s current alumni attended the School during their primary school years and strong bonds of friendship and memories of a supportive, happy and close-knit School community continue to draw them back. Many alumni return to the School as parents and even grandparents.

Alumni involvement

Many of the more recent alumni who completed their Higher School Certificate at Arden from 2008 onwards have continued their active involvement in the School in a variety of ways:

  • At our Year 11 retreats recent school leavers offer current students advice, counsel, words of wisdom and share the story of their own Year 11 and 12 journeys.
  • Former Geography students assist in the assessment and mentoring of Year 9 elective Geography students presenting their ‘Aid Worker’ projects, as part of their Development Geography unit.
  • Acting as sport coaches.
  • Involvement in events including the Visual Arts Exhibition, Technological and Applied Studies Showcase and musical performances.

On these occasions alumni have shared their wisdom and talents, providing great encouragement to current students who are showcasing their own talents.

Keeping in touch

If you are an alumnus of Arden and would like to:

  • update your contact details
  • receive the Friends of Arden magazine
  • share your news, for inclusion either on the web site or in the Friends of Arden alumni profiles section
  • volunteer to assist current students in:
    • mentoring
    • sports coaching
    • acting as a guest speaker at events
  • donate archival material to the school

Please email