Learning at Arden

We take a wholistic approach to learning at Arden, resulting in well-rounded graduates. In a supportive, nurturing atmosphere, we foster excellence in academic and co-curricular endeavour, inspiring our students to become lifelong learners and confident, capable global citizens.

We see each child as a unique individual, made in the image of God and our approach to pastoral care ensures we value and nurture students in order to build high levels of wellbeing and resilience. We also believe students learn best when they are happy, respected and valued.

We seek to engage students in a 21st century learning environment. While we see the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills as essential and fundamental, we also focus on higher order thinking skills to set up our students for lifelong learning.

Technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum at Arden, and our teachers differentiate teaching and learning activities within the classroom. We tailor and design strategies to meet the needs of students who require learning support. We also educate a significant proportion of students who possess exceptional learning potential with our gifted and talented programs.

The co-educational experience of Arden best prepares students to understand themselves, to appreciate and value difference, and to explore their talents within a supportive environment; preparing them to take their places confidently and naturally in the wider community.


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Primary School

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Secondary School

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