Arden Environment Group grows in size and passion!

Posted on December 14, 2018

Our Environment Group(EG) is thriving.  This year the group has grown to 45 students.  More importantly though is their mindset and growing sense of empowerment.  Enthusiastic EG Coordinator, Mrs Karen Moss, shared: “The EG has captured the hearts and minds of even the youngest in the Secondary School.  They are actively engaged and have an opinion which represents the 21st Century mindset of sustainability.  The children know that sustainability of earth is their responsibility and they are serious about it.”

2018 EG’ Prefect, Cordealia Evans, described her vision for the group as follows: “We must remember that the environment is not just yours or mine.  Rather, it belongs to future generations and it is therefore essential that we nurture and care for it, ensuring we educate ourselves about the most pressing environmental issues of our times.  We will be discussing many topics within our meetings including plastic pollution, animal cruelty, the coal industry; looking closely at the implications upon the Great Barrier Reef, food wastage and species extinction.”