The Role and Influence of a Mentor

Posted on March 28, 2019

Arden Anglican School is always delighted to welcome back alumni members who have gone ‘back to school’, but this time in a teaching capacity!  One example is Ms Heather Wallace who is working full-time as a Geography Teacher.  Heather has a heart for service and wishes to instil a love for learning in her own students.  “For me, teaching is not just about delivering the curriculum, but it involves shaping students into who they will be as adults and the impact that they will have on the world,” shared Heather.


Heather was herself strongly influenced by the example of her own Teacher and current Head of Geography, Mrs Karen Moss.  She said that Karen help her develop her initial passion for Geography whilst at school, encouraged her to consider Geography teaching, and provided practical mentoring opportunities.  “She welcomed me into her Geography classrooms whilst I was studying at university so I could observe her teaching and be inspired by it… This is just one example of how Arden staff develop relationships that transcend the classroom and continue onto adulthood.”

Photos:  Ms Heather Wallace (Arden Anglican School alumnus and Geography Teacher) with her mentor and past Teacher Mrs Karen Moss (Head of Geography).


As a new staff member, Heather has found the mentoring experience to be invaluable.  “There is a strong learning culture amongst the staff at Arden, where we partner together to continually grow and be more effective in our teaching practices.  I have received strong continuing support both professionally and emotionally from Karen, as well as the other Arden staff.”  She concluded: “Having Karen as my mentor has really helped me to develop professionally.  Karen is an outstanding teacher with a wealth of experience, and I am really inspired by her.  I often bounce ideas off Karen, and she helps me to critically review them in order to help me identify opportunities for growth…It is no easy task to manage school life and home life, but Karen always encourages me to maintain a healthy balance which I really value. “


Mrs Karen Moss was Heather Wallace’s Geography Teacher.  “I had the pleasure of watching her grow into a young woman who exhibited an extraordinary understanding of the complex social issues in our world.  She had been blessed with both high intellect, determination and well-developed emotional intelligence, and I always felt that to encourage Heather to harness these gifts was a significant responsibility of mine.”  Karen was thrilled when Heather became a Geography Teacher.  She reflected: “Having young, intelligent and compassionate teachers like Heather in our schools is vital in preparing students to navigate the issues of the 21st century successfully… Teaching is not about filling students up with knowledge.  Rather it is about teaching them how to think independently and use their ideas to transform the world they live in.  I am certainly proud that Heather has chosen to give her life to serving our next generation, in a Christ-centred way.”