Junior School Chaplain shares her heart for Christ

Posted on March 29, 2019

Junior School Chaplain, Mrs Bronwyn Friend, was appointed at the beginning of 2018, while the Secondary School continued to be ably cared for by Reverend Mark Rundle. The role of Chaplain is very important in schools today.  Mrs Friend explained: “Whilst we do have the freedom in this country to read the Bible and learn about the Christian faith, part of the role of Chaplain is to ensure that this actually happens in our school every day.  Opening God’s word with children, teaching them the gospel truths about God and explaining His plan of salvation then becomes a daily experience that is shared with students and staff.  This normalises daily Christianity, and a Chaplain is the person who has the authority, responsibility and freedom to openly do this.  It is a privilege to be able to point others to God.”

On a typical day, Mrs Friend spends the morning meeting up with staff or parents in formal devotion or informal conversation and prayer.  She prepares and teaches the Christian Studies program throughout the day and organises a daily outreach event (such as a Chapel Service or a Crusaders ministry group).  She coordinates both the Crusaders (CRU Crew) groups and loves training the CRU student leaders.  She strives to be present in the playground and staff meetings and is always praying for the School, situations or people as she strongly believes in the power of prayer.  Indeed, she coordinates both a staff and a parent prayer group.  Mrs Friend strives to display the Arden mindset in her role as Chaplain.  “God provides teachable moments everyday where the school motto of ‘In God my Joy’ and the six School values are relevant and included in conversations and teaching. There are also planned times where these links are made formally in Chapel and in class.”

Mrs Friend is passionate about her role and has many goals for what she would like to achieve. “I seek to ensure that all children are well taught, so they have a clear knowledge and understanding of what the gospel is and what it means to be saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and that they have the opportunity to respond to this invitation.  It is also important to lead and nurture those who do have a Christian faith, that they too may grow in their personal knowledge and love of Jesus.” 

Junior School Chaplain, Mrs Bronwyn Friend, enjoying the CRU group time with students.