Arden graduate returns to inspire the next generation of learners

Posted on April 10, 2019

 Arden Anglican School alumnus Lachlan Yeung is now on staff at the School having completed his studies there in 2018.  He is enjoying working part-time as a Teacher’s Aide while also pursuing tertiary studies. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to work in this position and loves that “Arden has more of a community vibe where inclusivity and positivity is very well promoted.” 


Lachlan Yeung attended Arden from Year 2 – Year 12 (2008 – 2018).  He is currently studying a Bachelor of Science with a Masters in Nursing at Sydney University.  He hopes to become a specialised Nurse in emergency care or anesthetics.  However, Lachlan is also interested in education and hence is currently pursuing both passions in healthcare and education simultaneously. 


Explaining why he has returned so promptly to work at Arden, Lachlan shared: “Having been a part of the Prefect team of 2018 where our motto was ‘Open Hearts and Ready Hands’, I came to realise I want to base my life’s purpose around service where I can openly serve others and hopefully bring something they need to them. This influenced my decision in choosing between health and education as career paths and I eventually chose to pursue both for the time being – health through Nursing at university and education through being a Teacher’s Aide, as being a Teacher’s Aide is as close as one can ever get to actually being a teacher.” 


Lachlan believes: “A good educator can encourage, support and enrich a student beyond their academic lives…Developing students into passionate, curious and daring citizens is the true essence of education and thus the open mindedness, creativity and communication skills of a teacher are imperative to bring out the potential in their students.”

Lachlan explained that being given the opportunity to mentor younger musicians whilst at school (as a part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program) “sparked my passion for mentorship and teaching others while developing my confidence in myself and my ability to educate and nurture others.”  When asked what he hopes to bring to Arden, Lachlan shared: “Having struggled with Mathematics, especially in the later years, I understand the frustration and irritation that comes with persisting with the confusing, yet highly logical nature of the subject.  From my experience, half of Mathematics is understanding the concept while the other half is about persisting with the problem.  I hope to be another figure who encourages students to keep persisting as it is easy just to give up, ignore the problem and not progress.  I also wish to be able to share the tips and tricks to make understanding concepts much easier and recognising more patterns more enjoyable.  I hope to make Mathematics, a notoriously confusing subject, more comfortable for students to wrestle with.”


Lachlan’s favourite Arden memories include most of the outdoor excursions and expeditions such as the Vietnam and Cambodia Mission Trip and all three levels of Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  During these experiences he appreciated that: “My mind was away from textbooks and looking towards the wider world of people and places I never knew existed.”


Throughout his Arden education, Lachlan was encouraged to participate in many activities including music, sport and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award.  Lachlan shared: “Arden not only encourages academic success but also pushes students to pursue hobbies and passions.  Consequently, there are so many before school, after school and lunch time activities including a wide selection of music, sport and interest groups.  Students have such a variety to pick and choose from to develop themselves as not only students completing school, but rather courageous and passionate citizens entering the ‘real world’.”

Reflecting on the life skills he learned at Arden, Lachlan reflected: “I was heavily involved in co-curricular music, sport and leadership activities.  I attribute most of my social skill development to all these activities as they gave me huge exposure to many different types of people to work with. This taught me the confidence I have found I needed out of school to stay engaged and active in the community and my own endeavours.”