Regular updates will be provided to community members in a variety of ways:

  • Regular logistical notifications will be posted to parents, students and staff on the School’s parent portal Schoolbox
  • Regular Community Notifications will be made available via Schoolbox for parents, students and staff and on this website and via email for community members
  • Staff information sessions will be held before school starts back in January, 2018
  • Student information sessions will be held in April, 2018
  • A parent information session will be held at an appropriate time, prior to commencement of the Stage 2 building works


Community notifications

2nd November 2017 Project Update

14th November 2017 Community Notification

20th November 2017 Community Notification

20th November 2017 Asbestos Clearance Certificate

4th December 2017 Community Notification


October 2017 Project Update:

The builder has reviewed the works and has proposed a Construction Management Plan. The hoarding will be in place for Stage 1 from 30th October.

The hoarding plan shows the following:

  • Access will be provided to the canteen until the end of Term 4
  • There will be no access from Oxford Street through the vehicular gate. Access will be via the lower pedestrian gate near the Oxford Street building entry
  • Traffic and pedestrian management will be in place throughout the duration of the works
  • There will be no access onto the building site, except for site personnel.


The Development Application has been approved by Parramatta Council and can be found here


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