Project Overview

The building works have been defined into three stages to 2020.

Stage 1 design is now being finalised and Stage 2 design development has been initiated.

Stage 1: Oct 2017 – Jan 2018

Identified in light blue on the Site Plan

The works consist of the following:

  • Construction of a full multi-sport court to be built adjacent to Oxford Street
  • Construction of half of a multi-sport court, which will be built adjacent to the canteen undercroft (the second half of the court will be built in Stage 2)
  • Ramps will be built between the two courts
  • The existing boys toilet and store will be stripped out and girls and boys toilets will be constructed
  • Accessible and disabled toilets will be constructed where the canteen store is currently situated
  • The asphalt surface in front of the canteen will be removed and replaced with a concrete slab and finish. (This final piece of work will be done during the school holiday break.)


Stage 1
Stage 1


Stage 2: Sept 2018 – Dec 2019

Stage 2 works will consist of:

  • Construction of the second half of the multi-sport court
  • Demolition of the existing gym, staff room, wood and food tech building
  • Construction of a five storey school building over one level of basement parking
  • The new building will accommodate Admin, Student Services, Science Labs, Food Tech, Resource Centre, TAS and General Learning Areas
  • Development of a Rooftop Terrace to the roof of the new building.
Artists Impression

Stage 3: Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Stage 3 works will consist of:

  • Refurbishment of the existing Essex Street building.


For any enquiries or feedback about the Master Plan and staging of the development, email