Arden has evolved to become a flourishing co-educational school with campuses at both Beecroft and Epping. Over our 98 year history our commitment to caring for each child as an individual, within a nurturing Christian environment, has remained constant. We’re also well prepared for the future. In 2012 and 2013 we revisited Arden’s Mission and Vision through a community-wide strategic planning process, seeking to harness the powerful, traditional strengths of the School, while also directing energy towards new areas of focus.

Our beginnings

Arden began in 1922 as a small preparatory school for girls in Beecroft, with a total of 13 pupils. By 1923 the School had 49 girls and 10 years later Arden welcomed our first male student. For 23 years Arden was a privately-owned school, but in 1946 became an Anglican Diocesan School.

Since our beginnings, parental involvement has always been a feature of the School, indeed during a challenging period in the early 1960s the determination of the parent body helped ensure the School remain open. The Parents & Friends Association was formed at this time.  In 1962 Arden’s first School Council was formed. Arden is now an independent school and the control and management of the School is vested in The Arden Anglican School Council.

Arden became fully co-educational in 1976.

Opening of our Secondary School

The 2003 opening of the Secondary School in Epping heralded the beginning of a new era. Arden now offered a complete Pre-School to Year 12 education. 

In 2008 Arden’s first Year 12 students successfully completed the Higher School Certificate. In the same year the Senior Study Centre was opened. 

Throughout our history, Arden has been well known for passionate and dedicated staff as well as the community feel and involvement of the parents in the life of the School.  

 Time Line

Date Description
1922 Arden’s genesis as the Preparatory School for Presbyterian Ladies’ College (PLC), Croydon on 20th April in Wellam Street, Beecroft.
1929 PLC, Croydon Council sold the School to Miss Emily Gurney, a teacher.  She named the school Arden as the leafy surrounds of the area reminded her of the ‘Forest of Arden’ from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.
1933 Arden registered to cover the full primary school curriculum.
1946 Arden became an Anglican Diocesan School and relocated to St. John’s Sunday School Hall, Beecroft.
1952 Arden settled on its current location in Beecroft.
1962 Arden’s own School Council was formed.
1976 The School became fully co-educational.
1986 The School Council developed a Master Plan for the future.
2003 Arden’s Secondary School campus opened.
2008 The School’s first Year 12 students successfully completed the HSC.
2012 Arden developed the 2020 Strategic Plan for the School.
2014 Masterplan focus on Secondary Campus Development
2017 95th Anniversary
2018 Completion of Stage 1 of Secondary Campus Development
2020 Official Opening of ‘Essex’ at the Secondary Campus
2022 2022 Centenary Celebrations