Strategic Plan

In 2012 Arden commenced a consultative strategic planning process with representatives from the School Community including students, parents, staff, P&F, the Executive and School Council. The resultant 2020 Strategic Plan is an exciting roadmap for our future.

We know who we are … and what we want to be

Arden is committed to being an inspiring learning community, dedicated to providing an exceptional co-educational learning experience for students, Pre-School to Year 12. We meet each child with the determination to know who they are, what they are passionate about, and what they are good at. Students at Arden are regularly recognised for their achievements across the full spectrum of their interests.

In commencing our planning process our School Community already had a strongly developed sense of what Arden was doing well – best summed up in the words of one of the School’s first graduating Year 12 students: ‘the students here are well known, well cared for and well taught’. This phrase became the focal point for the development of Arden’s strategy.

The Strategic Plan was developed using the internationally recognised Balanced Scorecard methodology. The Balanced Scorecard is an integrated strategic planning and management system that delivers a Strategy Map and Strategic Plan and associated accountability in the form of a Strategic Reporting Framework.

The Strategic Plan outlines Arden’s ‘envisioned future’ for 2020 and is written in ‘end-state language’. Therefore the School’s intentions in areas of future development current stretch are highlighted alongside longstanding strengths.

Measuring organisational performance: Our partnership with Gallup

Arden is in the early stages of developing strategic, non-financial, ‘balanced’ measures of organisational performance. The School has developed a valuable partnership with Gallup’s Education Practice and was the first school in Australia to pilot the Gallup Student Poll® which measures student hope, wellbeing and engagement from Year 5 to Year 12. Another important annual measure we use is Gallup’s Q12 Teacher Engagement tool which tracks levels of teacher engagement.  

Measuring our progress

In the first few years of the Plan’s implementation we are undertaking a number of initiatives to measure progress against strategy. These initiatives will provide us with significant feedback and enable continuous organisational learning and improvement over time.