What We Believe

Our Christian foundations and values underpin our approach to care and our service to others. At Arden we believe each student is created in God’s image, with unique God-given talents that should be nurtured, developed and appreciated.

We meet each child with the determination to know who they are, what they are passionate about and what they are good at. Students at our School know that they matter to us and that they belong here.

In God my joy

At Arden we encourage our students to experience the joy that is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ because we believe that the Christian faith offers everyone a life of meaning, service and hope.  

We present the Christian faith in a relevant and engaging manner, making students aware that a Christian commitment is one of choice and not one of compulsion. 

An everyday faith

Arden aims to ensure that students understand the Christian faith and also receive the opportunity to be supported in their own spiritual growth.

All students take part in Christian Studies lessons. This curriculum is based on the Bible and centres on the sovereignty of God; God’s purpose and plan for all people; His love in offering His Son, Jesus, as the Saviour King; and God’s grace and mercy in offering forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Other religions and faiths are examined and discussed in the course of normal studies. We believe that learning to understand alternative points of view develops respect for others in our society and also highlights the uniqueness of the Christian faith.

All students attend weekly Chapel and annual Thanksgiving Services. The Chapel program is overseen by the School Chaplain, an ordained minister in the Anglican Church. The Chapel program is often based around a theme that may be linked to other activities occurring in the School. Student involvement is encouraged in all services whether it is through musical contributions, drama items, Bible readings or presentations.

For those students who wish to develop their understanding and service further, additional co-curricular activities are offered. Lunchtime Christian groups are run by staff members for various age groups. These optional groups allow students to ask further questions as well as discuss the Christian faith in greater detail. Secondary students also have the opportunity to go on an annual mission tour to Cambodia and attend a Christian camp over a weekend.