An evolving awareness of personal and shared responsibility towards those around us is a strong feature of the healthy culture of ‘service’ in the Junior School. We make sure the development of this culture is age and developmentally appropriate. Whether it is a Pre-School child learning to consider the needs of a fellow Pre-Schooler or a Junior School student being prepared to give up some of their pocket money to support a fundraising activity; the goal is to develop a sense of joy towards giving and serving.

Joy from giving and serving

At Arden we see giving and serving as a practical application of the Christian message and these values are embedded in the everyday lives of our Junior students. We encourage our  students to take ownership of the various activities and projects that are linked to service learning. We highlight the giving of time and commitment by the students as much as the collection of funds and donations. The emphasis is never on what the students will receive for contributing in the short term; rather the focus is on the long-term goal of developing a sense of ‘joy’ from giving and serving.

Service projects

Our service projects and activities may include supporting:

  •  a topical need such as disaster relief
  • a community need such as an issue which has touched the local community or an Arden family’s life
  • an on-going commitment such as sponsoring children in other countries, and/ or
  • a longer term whole school project which involves annual activities across the Arden Community.