Arden’s outdoor education program in Junior School is designed to allow the girls and boys to experience appropriate physical, social and emotional challenges within a safe and supportive environment. The program is designed to complement the development of the whole child, as the children manage and solve simple everyday challenges and work in teams and groups to achieve specific outcomes.

Unique camp experiences

Our outdoor education program begins in Year 3 and each year group has a different camp experience. The camps all take place on well-established camping facilities at Galston, Lake Macquarie and in the Southern Highlands and in some cases include specialist outdoor education staff. Each camp is age appropriate; challenges presented and the skills required are designed to match the strengths and abilities of the students.  We carefully plan each camp, giving attention to the specific dynamics of each group.

Opportunities for personal growth

We see students develop many practical and organisational skills in the course of the outdoor education program. Under the guidance of teachers and other staff the girls and boys learn to take responsibility for many daily needs. At some of the camps the students learn to set up tents and co-operatively manage their equipment in a small space.  On all camps children take responsibility for various roles, providing the girls and boys with guided hands-on learning opportunities. Through these practical experiences the students learn more about themselves, further appreciate the skills and abilities of their peers and get to know their teachers in a less formal environment.