Our Junior School tour to New Zealand promotes life skills, increases confidence, cements friendships and helps our children appreciate cultural differences.

Cultural and sporting tour to New Zealand

Every second year we offer our Junior School students in Year 5 and 6 the opportunity to take part in a cultural and sporting tour to New Zealand.  The tour group comprises between 30 and 40 students, overseen and supported by at least four Arden Junior School staff members. The tour involves approximately eight days of travel in the North Island of New Zealand. There are usually four two-night stopovers. This gives the group time to enjoy and appreciate the New Zealand scenery and hopefully establish some lifelong friendships through interactions with families and other students.  The primary purpose of the tour is to broaden the children’s understanding of New Zealand as a close international neighbour, particularly focusing on the traditions and customs of the Maori culture.

Sports competitions

Arden has established close ongoing links to several independent schools in New Zealand and visits to these schools include some friendly but well-contested sports competitions in basketball, netball and hockey. Though winning as many games as possible is a desired outcome of each tour, the honour of representing your school on foreign soil is seen as a significant achievement despite the result. The development of school and national pride is clearly evident in these sporting competitions.

Personal development

Though often an Arden Supporters Group may follow the tour, the children also learn many life skills through being away from their family for this longer period of time.  We notice children develop a greater sense of personal responsibility when they need to take more ownership of own their daily needs. Naturally each child is closely monitored emotionally, socially and physically throughout the tour by supportive Arden staff members. Each staff member on tour has specific responsibility for groups of students.