Junior Sport

In the Junior School setting sport helps to develop co-ordination and balance, gross motor skills, emotional resilience, friendships, sportsmanship, co-operation and leaderships skills and a sense of belonging. We encourage participation in sport because we know that physical activity contributes to physical, mental and social health.

Research also shows that children who are involved in sport from a young age are significantly more likely to be physically active later in life, have improved sleep and reduced risk of obesity and related illnesses. All children participate in one 45 minute PE lessons and an hour-long sport session at school each week. During this time children are exposed to fitness skills, swimming, athletics, basketball, netball, touch football, cricket, gymnastics, dance, European handball, lacrosse, AFL and more.

Representative Sport

Children in the Upper Junior have the chance to represent the school in the sports listed below throughout the year. While all of these sports are offered each year, they only run if there are the numbers to build a team.

Children who are selected to represent Arden in a particular sport compete in the Independent Primary Schools Heads Association (IPSHA) Competition. The representative pathway past IPSHA is NSW Combined Independent Schools, then NSW Primary School Sports Association (PSSA – State Competition) and then School Sport Australia Competition (National Competition).

                                                          Boys                                        Girls                                              Mixed

Term 1 

    Softball Football



Cross Country

Term 2     Rugby Union Hockey  
Term 3     Rugby Union


Touch Football

Term 4     Softball