Secondary Sport

Arden’s purpose of Sport is three-fold:


To give elite athletes the opportunity to reach their highest potential in their chosen Sport and use their God given potential.

This is achieved through representative sport teams and carnivals through to an All Schools levels.


Our aim is to provide all students with an enjoyable sporting experience. We encourage all students to develop a love for sport and physical activity and to be involved in Arden sports teams and House Carnivals to develop fitness, skills, friendships, learn sportsmanship and service.

This is achieved through House carnivals, Inter House Sport and Championships days.


Secondary students may have the opportunity to use Sport as a means for serving others in the School. This is an important value of Arden is to develop a culture of service and Christian leadership. This may involve umpiring and coaching a Junior HZSA Sport team, assistant coaching a middle school Arden weekly team with a staff member, helping at a Junior School Sports Carnival or Secondary PASS classes may assist in organising these events as part of their Event management assessment tasks.


Sporting Levels

  • Arden Carnivals
  • HZSA (Hill Zone Sports Association)
  • AICES (Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools)
  • NSWCIS (NSW Combined Independent Schools)
  • All Schools


HZSA Weekly Sport (Weekdays Afternoons, Transport provided to and from venues)

  • Summer Season: Girls – Netball, Futsal,

                                          Boys – Football, Basketball

  • Winter Season: Girls – Football, Touch Football, Basketball

                                       Boys – Futsal, Touch Football, Indoor Cricket


Championship Days and Knockout Competitions:

  • Bill Turner Girls and Boys Football
  • Wiburd Shield Cricket
  • AFL Boys and Girls
  • Year 8 League Tag and AFL
  • Girls Indoor Cricket
  • Water Polo
  • AICES Netball Cup
  • HZSA Basketball


Other Co-Curricular Opportunities available to all Students

  • Fencing with a professional Fencing Coach (2 sessions a week)
  • Inter House Sport (Friday lunchtime)