Why Arden?

Arden is a vibrant, co-educational Christian School. With campuses at Beecroft and Epping, we provide a high quality, well-rounded education for boys and girls from Pre-School to Year 12 in a caring, Christian environment.

Not only do we deliver an outstanding academic education, but our teachers focus on the holistic education of each student and we offer an extensive range of co-curricular activities. Students at our School know that they matter to us and that they belong here. Arden graduates are curious, courageous and compassionate men and women.

Each child matters

We believe in the uniqueness of each and every child, made in the image of God. Therefore we meet each child with the determination to know who they are, what they are passionate about and what they are good at. Our partnership with parents is an essential and ongoing aspect of education at Arden.

Academic excellence

Arden is a vibrant learning community and we are continuing Arden’s tradition of HSC excellence. As a smaller school, we are able to tailor and design learning strategies to fit the needs of individual students in order to provide the best possible program for each child. However, we’re large enough to offer a broad range of subjects to meet every interest. Our teachers are highly skilled, passionate educators who focus on quality teaching and learning. Learning activities are student centred and strengths based, promoting personal responsibility and deep engagement. We want our students to become lifelong learners.  

Educating the whole child

While we deliver an outstanding academic education, we also focus on the holistic development of each student. A strong pastoral care process meets students at their point of need, focusing on developing student resilience. Arden believes that the overall learning process is enriched by offering an appropriate breadth of co-curricular opportunities for all students because these allow for the appreciation of individual talents and support the development of the whole child. Our commitment to knowing our students well has led us to become the first school in Australia to pilot the Gallup Student Poll which measures student hope, wellbeing and engagement.

A co-educational experience

A co-educational environment is much more than a practical help to families with boys and girls. Co-education at Arden offers our students cultural, social, emotional and learning advantages. At Arden, students work in an atmosphere where stereotypical expectations are minimised, as all learning activities are presented as normal and relevant to both males and females. Our girls and boys learn to understand, appreciate and interact with each other on a daily basis as they bring a diverse set of experiences and opinions to each class. This difference is complementary and assists students both socially and intellectually, preparing them to take their places confidently and naturally in the wider community of men and women.

Ready to serve

At Arden we see giving and serving as a practical application of the Christian message. We believe joy and fulfillment come out of the practical service of others. We develop resilient students who are outward thinking, with a service orientated, transformative approach to the world in which they live and work.

Please contact the enrolments team with any further enquiries enrolments@arden.nsw.edu.au