Junior School

The Junior education program at Arden aims to provide solid foundations from which independent learners can flourish. We operate within a child centred framework where the needs of individual students are considered in a safe, nurturing and encouraging environment.

Small enough to care…big enough to challenge

The preferred class size in our Kindergarten to Year 6 classes is 24 students – each year group has two classes. Our class sizes give our classroom teachers the flexibility to consider the needs of their students as they use various strategies to effectively present the curriculum. Each subject is presented in an engaging and purposeful manner.

Arden’s Junior School prides itself on being small enough to care and big enough to challenge: we know it is essential that every child feels valued and well known by his or her teachers.

Catering for different learning styles

We believe that a child whose mind is kept active during the learning process, whose wellbeing is closely monitored and who is set challenges appropriate to his or her abilities will be well prepared for a future as a lifelong learner.

A co-educational learning environment allows our students to experience and appreciate a wide variety of learning styles. Those with more passive learning practices are encouraged to take responsible risks, while those with a tendency to focus on quantity are encouraged to balance this by focusing on quality through careful, precise work.

Partnering with parents

Our partnership with parents is a key part of our learning community in the Junior School and indeed the whole Arden community. Communication between home and school is vital and we believe this partnership develops the most effective learning outcomes for each student.