Academic Care

At Arden our teachers know and care for every student; enabling them to reach their academic potential. We are proud of the strong academic performance of our students. We also foster excellence in co-curricular endeavour, resulting in well-rounded graduates.


Through a commitment to the academic care of each student, we aim to promote academic excellence alongside an atmosphere of pastoral care to ensure the overall wellbeing of each student.

Academic care

Arden teachers are passionate, creative and innovative. They are committed to engaging the mind, nurturing the spirit and nourishing the body of each child within a caring Christian environment. We believe that educating our students aptly for the future involves fostering in students more than academic capability. The development of a strong sense of self, civic responsibility, positive relationships with others and values and attitudes that support successful learning are all integral to a well-rounded student.

In Junior, our teachers work collegially to provide an innovative, stimulating and engaging learning environment. Teachers at Arden aim to motivate and empower learners to take risks and be self-directed with their learning. We have high expectations of our students coupled with an understanding of their specific learning needs, interests and learning style. Comprehensive assessment of student learning is central to the development of individualised learning approaches, academic goals and social development strategies. Student progress and learning is closely monitored in an attempt to reflect on and refine teaching practices and programs and to ensure we are meeting the diverse needs of our learners. This also plays a central role in celebrating and recognising individual student success and progress.

Genuine home school relationship

A genuine relationship between teachers and students is central to ensuring students are “well known, well cared for and well taught”. The significance of the relationship between school and home is recognised and staff work closely with families to support student learning. Parents are kept well informed on student progress and are encouraged to actively engage in their children’s learning in meaningful ways.

Meeting social and emotional needs

We believe it is essential that students feel they are known and cared for by teachers, and that their social and emotional needs are met. Our teachers foster each child’s social and emotional development, helping them develop an awareness and appreciation of their strengths and supporting them in their growing relationships with peers, family, and God.

Arden is committed to ensuring the wellbeing, engagement and ongoing professional development of our staff. It is through investing in, valuing and recognising staff that we establish a culture of wellbeing and engagement, ensuring our teachers can deliver on our commitment to our students.