Learning in the Junior School is focused on the provision of exceptional teaching in literacy and numeracy with the aim to foster each student’s proficiency in these areas. Student learning is enriched and broadened through our science, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE), music, languages, art, library, computing and physical education programs. Our genuine Christian context means students are also encouraged to grow in their knowledge of the Bible and in exploring or developing a Christian faith.

A team approach

Dedicated and passionate class, specialist and learning support teachers work together to differentiate and enrich student learning in a way that enables every students at Arden to be well know, well care for and well taught.

Each week students have the opportunity to explore their strengths and be supported in their social and emotional development in pastoral care sessions.

Co-curricular involvement

Arden takes a holistic approach to education and excellence in co-curricular endeavour is fostered, resulting in well-rounded students. Motivated by our belief in focusing on the strengths of each student and finding avenues for all children to experience success and find their talents, extensive co-curricular activities are on offer including bands, ensembles, choirs, team sports, gymnastics, debating, Tournament of Minds, chess and our Christian group. Authentic learning is further facilitated though our comprehensive outdoor education program.

At Arden we recognise that all students need to be taught in a way that takes into account their individual learning styles, abilities, knowledge and passions. We also acknowledge that some students have more specific needs either because they are gifted or have particular learning requirements. We cater explicitly for these children through specialised Learning Support and Gifted and Talented programs.