Learning Support

Arden provides a caring, nurturing environment in which every student is recognised as an individual with unique strengths. We genuinely value and nurture each child. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to access all aspects of the curriculum at a level of challenge that is appropriate for them.

As a smaller school we endeavor to tailor and design learning support strategies to fit the needs of our students.


Tailoring learning

At Arden our aim is to ensure that every classroom program from K-6 has differentiated activities embedded. Our teachers employ a range of strategies in the classroom in order to differentiate the curriculum and specialist staff provide intervention where appropriate. Class assessments, NAPLAN, standardised testing, psychometric testing, and language screening allow us to identify children with specific needs.

We know that the best way to support our students is in partnership with parents. This occurs best through regular open and honest communication.

Ongoing assessment

Identifying and assessing student need is an ongoing process. We conduct a school-wide standardised testing program each year, tracking student progress and gathering reliable information regarding the educational needs of all students. We also gather additional information about students’ academic performance through classroom assessments, work samples, anecdotal evidence, teacher observations, parent interviews and reports

Specialist support

Where we identify a student as needing support beyond the differentiated curriculum, we meet with parents to discuss and provide recommendations of suggested ways forward. Subsequently, the classroom and learning support teacher, in consultation with parents, brings together teacher aides, speech therapists, an occupational therapist, and/or a psychologist to decide which combination of strategies will be appropriate for the particular student.

At Arden all learning support activities promote the self-esteem of the student involved and encourage him or her to develop appropriate, individual skills and abilities.

Learning support initiatives

We offer support to students in a number of ways including:

  • small group withdrawal
  • in-class support from a specialist teacher, teacher’s aide, speech therapist or occupational therapist
  • individual sessions on site with our school speech therapist or occupational therapist(user paid option)
  • modified programs and assessments
  • individualised reading and mathematics programs
  • individualised education programs