Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care is an integral part of Arden’s development of each student. We believe in the uniqueness of each and every child, made in the image of God and so we care for the whole person; valuing and nurturing each child to build high levels of wellbeing and resilience. At Arden we are committed to every child being well known, well cared for and well taught.


Strong relationships are the foundation of our pastoral care approach. We seek to build an open and trusting relationship between the classroom teacher and each student as well as a partnership between the School and parents.

Each classroom teacher makes sure that they know the individual needs and circumstances of each child. They act as advocates for the students in their class by ensuring relevant information is shared with other staff members.

Points of contact

The Head of the Junior School oversees and manages the entire pastoral care system of the Junior School while the classroom teacher is the first point of contact for all pastoral care matters.

The Heads of Lower (Kindergarten to Year 2) and Upper (Years 3 to 6) Junior oversee pastoral care in their sections of the Junior School, providing an extra point of contact for students, families and staff. They also support the classroom teachers in meeting the needs of their students. Our School Counsellor offers further support for students, families and staff.

Part of our pastoral care approach involves age and stage appropriate student management expectations and guidelines. Our student management system is based on our core value of ‘Respect’; we want our students to appreciate the rights and responsibilities of each member of the Arden community. We want students to develop an understanding and empathy for other’s needs, strengths and circumstances.