Teaching and Learning


At Arden we are committed to sustaining an inspiring, individualised Christian learning community that supports the spiritual, academic, social, emotional and physical development of each girl and boy.

A safe place to learn

We focus first and foremost on the provision of a supportive and nurturing atmosphere where our students feel valued, safe and understood. It is only then that we can foster the optimal academic development of each student and have the rapport and knowledge to challenge each learner to excel and succeed in a way that celebrates their unique strengths. We actively track student hope, wellbeing and engagement. As these are key indicators of engagement in their schooling and predictive of academic success. We honour and celebrate the uniqueness of each student by integrating a strengths based approach to teaching and learning into all aspects of the School.

Our philosophy

Teaching and Learning in the Junior School is informed by international research into best practice, as well as the latest insights into how the brain learns. Central to our pedagogy is explicit teacher instruction combined with experiential and inquiry-based learning. It is through this approach that students ‘learn by doing’ with the teacher acting as guide, facilitator and mentor. Feedback from our teachers to students plays an integral role in supporting and extending a student’s learning and deep thinking.

From Kindergarten to Year 6, students work with teachers to set individualised learning goals that orient and prioritise their efforts. This encourages students to have high expectations of themselves and to take responsibility for their learning.

Learning at Arden

In the Junior School classrooms are centred around providing authentic, hands-on, minds-on, innovative learning opportunities that inspire and interest young learners.

Learning at Arden extends beyond covering core content in the curriculum to encouraging the development of values, attitudes and habits towards learning. It is through fostering resilience, critical and creative thinking, persistence and a knowledge and belief of self, among many other qualities, that we believe students will be equipped for success now and into the future.

From Kindergarten, students are encouraged to exhibit Habits of Mind such as striving for accuracy, taking responsible risks, thinking flexibly, and questioning and problem posing. It is through developing an awareness of, and ability to implement, these key dispositions that students will be best prepared to solve problems and act creatively, insightfully and critically when confronted with a new learning experience in and out of the classroom.

At Arden, learning is centred on engaging children’s hearts and minds in a way that quenches their natural curiosity, innate creativity, questioning minds and desire to discover. Girls and boys not only learn alongside each other but from each other through exposure to the innate differences in the way individuals approach their learning and social interactions.

The Arden Learner

Our unique approach to learning in the Junior School develops an Arden Learner who displays confidence, curiosity, courage, compassion and passion. Students pursue excellence and engage in learning beyond the classroom. They are globally connected, confidently participating in collaborative learning and the use of the latest technology. The Arden Learner has a strong sense of self alongside a humility grounded in their Christian faith. Students are nurtured to positively impact on the world in which they live and they actively seek to serve and contribute to their local and wider community. The Arden Learner has a spirit of kindness, generosity, tolerance, empathy, and integrity.