Academic Care

At Arden our teachers know and care for every student; enabling them to reach their academic potential. We are proud of the strong academic performance of our students. We also foster excellence in co-curricular endeavour, resulting in well-rounded graduates.


We know that effective learning takes place when students are respected, happy and valued. The way we care for our students ensures they feel free to explore new content, share opinions and debate issues.

Dedicated teachers

Teachers at Arden are dedicated professionals and lifelong learners. They work collegially so that students can benefit from the breadth of expertise across the School. Our teachers use ongoing assessment to gain valuable feedback about student progress, modifying content to best suit the needs of students in their class.

Supporting our HSC students

Our HSC students consistently report that our dedicated teachers played a critical role in their success. They cite close student-teacher relationships, highlighting their teacher’s genuine care. Teachers make themselves available to our HSC students by helping with major projects and by running workshops and seminars outside of normal school hours, both within term time and during the holidays.