Learning Support

Arden provides a caring, nurturing environment in which every student is recognised as an individual with unique strengths. We genuinely value and nurture each child. We believe every student deserves the opportunity to access all aspects of the curriculum at a level of challenge that is appropriate for them.

As a smaller school we are able to tailor and design learning support strategies to fit the needs of individual students in order to provide the best possible program for each child.


Inclusive support

In the Secondary School learning support is based on an inclusive model of education where support for students with additional learning needs is typically provided within the context of the regular class. The Learning Support team works collaboratively with classroom teachers, parents, other staff and where possible, outside relevant professionals, to establish teaching and learning strategies that help nurture the uniqueness of every student to help them reach their potential.

Depending on student need, we provide support through:

  • in-class support and team teaching with trained learning support staff
  • the provision of modified or additional resources, and/or
  • examination provisions.

The Learning Support team also conducts diagnostic testing to identify areas of weakness or to monitor student progress as required. Students with higher needs are further supported through the individual planning process which incorporates transition planning.

Arden’s well-established pastoral care structures ensure that our students with additional learning needs are nurtured in their areas of strength and their successes are celebrated.

Peer literacy program

Our peer literacy program provides support for Year 7 students with specific literacy needs. Specially selected Year 10 students are trained to work on a one-to-one basis with a targeted Year 7 student. The program equips the Year 7 students with strategies to improve their comprehension, exam and study skills, and gives them practical guidance on how to tackle specific topics covered in the Year 7 English, History and Science curriculum. Our peer literacy program has not only seen these Year 7 students grow in confidence, it has also developed deep and long-term relationships between mentor and mentoree.