Senior School (Years 10 to 12)

The Senior School prepares and equips our well known, well cared for and well taught students so they can flourish as both autonomous and collaborative learners in preparation for tertiary studies, work and service in the local and global community.

The senior years of Secondary School are an exciting time of transition and change. At Arden we know how important it is to get these years right, so your child is equipped and prepared for the future.

It’s the individual care and attention we provide at Arden that makes all the difference. Our Strengths based approach helps our students achieve the best individual academic results possible, and we offer a wide variety of co-curricular activities. We also have a deliberate focus on a successful post-school transition.

We’re proud of our well-rounded graduates. Our students leave Arden ready, with an enduring love of learning, and the confidence and skills needed to meet the opportunities and challenges that life brings.

A commitment to individual attention … because being known makes all the difference.

Our aim is to provide an education that meets the needs and potential of individuals as part of a nurturing and supportive community. We focus on excellence in pastoral care, with a transition program to connect new senior students and a determination to knowing each student, who they are and what they are passionate about. Arden students are well known, well cared for and well taught.

We also use a Strengths based approach to help our students get to understand themselves, building confidence and allowing for greater clarity when it comes to subject selection and choice of vocation. In each of the senior years our Strengths based program has a different focus, from career profiling and analysis, to flexible and broad Work Experience opportunities, to leadership training, to visits to career and tertiary expos.

Being known prepares our students for the future. Our Director of Teaching and Learning meets with every Year 10 student to discuss HSC subject selection and our careers program is comprehensive. Our Careers Advisor helps our senior students with everything from early entry schemes to scholarship and cadetship opportunities to post-school planning interviews. 

A commitment to pursuing academic excellence … because having options and opportunities is important in a changing world.

Our commitment to academic excellence means we go beyond imparting content to focusing on developing 21st Century learners and thinkers who are connected, collaborative and creative.

Our teachers are dedicated and approachable and have a passion for their subject areas. They model the joy of lifelong learning, creating learning experiences that engage, excite and challenge.

In the senior years at Arden we actively seek to develop a collegial spirit where teachers develop specialised support partnerships with students. Our teachers go the extra mile to ensure that every child has the support and motivation they need to succeed. Our Ad Altissima program offers our Gifted and Talented students additional challenges and stimulation, and activities beyond the classroom such as the Da Vinci Decathlon.

We offer a wide subject choice for the HSC with extension opportunities in Maths, English, History and Music. Academic scholarships are available in Year 11. We are proud of the excellent HSC results our graduates achieve. Each year many of our students reach the HSC’s Distinguished Achievers Lists and have their major works selected in exhibitions such as Art Express and InTech.

A commitment to balance … because we’re about developing the whole person.

At Arden we are interested in the social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of our students and we have a deliberate focus on compassionate and courageous service.

Arden is bursting with co-curricular programs because we believe co-curricular opportunities enrich the overall learning process by supporting the development of the whole child. We are proud of the fact that our commitment, support and emphasis on balance means our Year 12 students enjoy staying involved in their extra-curricular activities during their HSC year.

Our co-curricular opportunities broaden as our senior students refine their skills and interests. There are opportunities for everyone, from music, debating, dance and Theatresports, to social justice groups and Crusaders. In Year 10 all students have a Country Experience with a focus on service work. Our outdoor education program allows students to take positive risks, develop resilience, leadership and team work and many of our students complete The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme and the Hillary Challenge. Arden also has an enviable sporting record with many of our talented athletes participating in the Combined Independent Schools sport’s carnivals.

Travel, leadership opportunities and overseas mission tours to Cambodia and Vietnam offer pathways for personal growth, reinforce the curriculum and provide students with the opportunity to serve others.