Student Wellbeing

Pastoral care is an integral part of Arden’s development of each student. We believe in the uniqueness of each and every child, made in the image of God and so we care for the whole person; valuing and nurturing each child to build high levels of wellbeing and resilience. At Arden we are committed to every child being well known, well cared for and well taught.


We provide a number of ‘layers’ of pastoral support for our Secondary students.

Each day students meet with their Tutor and at various times during the week they meet with Peer Support Leaders and Prefects.

Our Coordinator of Pastoral Care works closely with Year Coordinators to develop and implement a structured year by year pastoral care curriculum in conjunction with the School Counsellor and Heads of Schools.

At Arden we believe student growth and development is a partnership between School and home and so we see parent involvement as vital. Throughout the year we host a number of seminars with guest speakers to help parents keep up to date with the latest thinking around child development.

Celebrating positive contributions

Arden’s merit system supports and recognises positive contributions made by students. This reward system works in conjunction with a student management system that sets clear boundaries and promotes self-discipline in our students. We expect and demand a positive classroom environment that is conducive to learning.

Identifying strengths

At Arden we are working closely with Gallup, using their ‘StrengthsFinder’, to help students uncover their unique God-given talents. We want our students to better understand themselves so that they can positively impact the world in which they live.