Teaching and Learning


At Arden the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills is seen as essential and fundamental, but we also focus on higher order thinking skills to set up our students for lifelong learning. We seek to develop students who are creative and critical thinkers, internally motivated to learn.

Individualised learning

Our teachers know their students. They differentiate teaching and learning activities within the classroom to cater for individual needs. Teachers develop a safe environment within the classroom, where students feel empowered to take risks when presented with challenges. This extends their learning and helps students make significant progress.

Advantages of co-education

A co-educational environment helps our boys and girls learn and interact with each other, as they bring a diverse set of experiences and opinions to the class. This difference is complementary and assists students both socially and intellectually.

Careers program

Arden has an extensive careers program. We work with our students to help them identify their areas of interest so that by the time they leave Arden they are focused and ready to embark on further education or work in their chosen field.


The Australian Curriculum has allowed a refreshing of syllabus content, but in addition to this the cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia and Sustainability, there is a common link of ideas that flow throughout all subjects that students learn.