Technology is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum at Arden, helping us to engage students and enhance their depth of learning. We use technology to assist us in the provision of individualised learning experiences that cater for different interests and learning needs. Our students use apps, software, digital subscriptions and online resources to investigate, design, compose, research, explore and discover.

From Kindergarten to Year 12, students have access to netbooks, laptops, iPads and SMARTBoards, as well as other technology, to support their learning.

At Arden we want to prepare our students to be responsible and effective digital citizens in a connected global world.

To help students develop a range of digital learning skills, technology is used to:

  • communicate and collaborate online in meaningful ways
  • understand and integrate information
  • research safely
  • problem solve, innovate, think critically and creatively, and
  • ensure students have current knowledge of digital systems and new technologies.


At Arden technology is used in every subject area. Teachers and library staff help students to access quality online information from reputable sources.

Students have their own laptop to use in class and at home. As well as storing all textbooks. Students regularly research content, create presentations and videos and communicate with other students and staff. In class students often complete quizzes, allowing immediate feedback so that teachers can modify content as appropriate.