HSC Results

students celebrate 2017 HSC success

Arden has built upon its fine tradition of achieving excellent HSC results, with an outstanding improvement this year.  The School has carefully implemented a number of programs to further support students academically, within the context of their co-curricular and other school commitments, so that they are well prepared for life beyond school. This has resulted in an improvement in the School’s ranking from 115th in the State in 2016 to 62nd in the State in 2017. 

The School supports students academically and pastorally by providing individual academic mentoring sessions at various intervals throughout the HSC year to monitor and guide them in their study patterns, school and home commitments.  Support is available to students to help manage school and life balance with their assessment tasks, co-curricular, music and sporting commitments, as well as involvement in the broader community.  Mr Simon Przydacz, Head of Senior School, shared:  “We are incredibly proud of our Class of 2017. Individually and collectively they have achieved excellent results.  In addition to their ATARs and subject results, the many early offers to University and offer of Scholarships are due recognition for their outstanding and sustained involvement in co-curricular and leadership activities at Arden.  Our students leave well prepared to make a difference in the world.”

 Arden ranked 62nd school in NSW with 30% of students achieving an ATAR higher than 90.

The School recognizes both the significant individual and collective achievements of all students of the Class of 2017.  Arden Principal, Mr Graham Anderson, reflected:  “Congratulations to our Class of 2017 on their outstanding HSC results. I am very pleased with our students’ achievements; they are to be congratulated on their hard work, service and dedication.  Over one quarter of students received an early offer for tertiary study and ten students were nominated for HSC Showcases. We are delighted for them and wish them continued success in the future.” 

At Arden, students of all abilities are treated as unique individuals and nurtured in their academic progress. The School aims to have students succeed in the HSC but more importantly to be prepared for and succeed in life beyond school.  For some students that will mean university, whilst for others it will mean full-time work, apprenticeship or further vocational training.  The School supports the various students in these endeavours.  Mr Joshua Harnwell, Director of Teaching and Learning shared:  “The exceptional staff have high expectations of their students and an ability to thoroughly prepare them not only for the HSC but life beyond.  Students and teachers are thrilled with the results achieved this year.”

The School’s ATAR scores for the 2017 cohort were very pleasing, providing students with access to a wide range of courses.

  • 30% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 90
  • 12% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 95
  • 58% of students achieved an ATAR higher than 80
  • Arden Dux, Dan Hemphill, achieved an ATAR of 99.20


Points of Excellence

  • 92% of students qualifying for an ATAR achieved at least one Band 5, Band 6, or equivalent award in the examinations completed, showing the depth, strength and consistency of the students’ results.
  • Arden ranked 62nd school in NSW.
  • 86% of Arden’s 29 on-campus course results were above the State mean.
  • 22% of all results in all courses were top band results.
  • 54% of students made the NSW Distinguished Achievers List for achieving a Band6/E4 award.
  • Harry Batt was recognised as an All Round Achiever for achieving a Band 6/E4 result in ten or more units.
  • Arden students have excelled in their major projects this year with their high standard of work across a range of subject areas recognised as follows:
  • Three students were nominated for InTech for their Industrial Technology: Multimedia Technologies project: Thomas Congerton, Timothy Dodd and Alicia Howard.
  • Four students were nominated for SHAPE for their Design and Technology project: Grace Avon, Ella Cliff, Timothy Dodd and Jessica Seale.
  • Two students were nominated for ArtExpress for their Visual Arts project: Emily Hestelow and Justin McLean. 
  • Matthew Forbes was nominated for Encore for both his Music and Musicology Viva projects.
  • Timothy Dodd’s Year 11 Industrial Technology: Multimedia Technologies project has been accepted into 2018 FlickerUp.

2017 HSC Results Brochure