Children are born resourceful and ready to learn

The Pre-School years are characterised by curiosity, energy, and an eagerness to learn and at Arden we are committed to fostering this sense of wonder and creativity in every child.  Our vibrant Pre-School classrooms and purpose-build outdoor play area, encourage interaction with other children and stimulates exploration and cooperation as they learn through play; communication, socialising, problem solving and creative skills development.

Our Pre-School is located within the Junior Campus at Beecroft and whilst our youngest students have their own dedicated classrooms and playground, they also have access to the Junior Campus resources.  They participate in selective events and assemblies which prepares them for Kindergarten in a realistic and well-supported way. Joining Arden in Pre-School makes the transition to ‘big school’ seamless, as children are familiar with the spaces and faces on the Junior Campus and already have a sense of being well known and belonging.

We know that families are children’s first and most influential teachers and that learning at Pre-School should build on what families have taught their children at home. Our dedicated educators work to partner with parents in their child’s education through shared insights, regular communication and participation in school life.

We believe that stimulating early childhood experiences where children have fun and time to play, develops self-esteem, confidence and skills that become the foundations for lifelong learning.

Pre-School at Arden aims to give our children the best possible educational start and to build a love of learning.


Our children love coming to Pre-School and having fun as they learn, question, explore and develop their skills, contributing to their ‘love of learning’ which will last for a lifetime.