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Our Co-curricular opportunities are wide and varied

Our vibrant Co-curricular Program at both our Junior and Secondary Campuses gives students the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities beyond the academic curriculum. The program is a vital and complementary component of learning at Arden to encourage personal development, learning and innovation.

Co-curricular activities inspire students to explore areas of interest and broaden their understanding and skills. Our diverse range of activities give students the opportunity to build new skills and meet new friends, which creates rich, enjoyable and lasting memories.


Junior Co-curricular

Our Junior Campus students love exploring and discovering new things.  The Co-curricular Program provides a safe inclusive environment for them to try something for the first time or to build on current interests together with their peers.

Many of the activities take place at lunch or recess as well as before and after school.

For a comprehensive overview of the activities available, please browse our Co-curricular Opportunities booklet.

Secondary Co-curricular

Our Secondary Co-curricular program was created in consultation with students and therefore, reflects their interests. The breadth of opportunities allows students to explore their creativity, physical activity, thinking and problem-solving skills, spiritual development, and service whilst also broadening their social networks.

Arden’s co-curricular groups are held during the school week either before or after school or during lunch or recess, so it is easy for students to take part and try out new groups and different activities. Students are kept up to date with the latest activities, events and topics of discussion through Schoolbox, the School’s intranet. Each group is coordinated by a supervising teacher, and many activities are led by students, promoting mentoring and leadership skills.

For a comprehensive overview of the activities available, please browse our Co-curricular Opportunities booklet.

Co-Curricular Music

“We teach music because it is unique and good. We teach music so that children can make their own music. We teach music because it acts in a unique way on the heart, mind, soul and spirit of the child, stimulating thought and imagination in very special ways.”
Richard Gill OAM, champion of quality Music Education in schools for every child.

Co-curricular Music has a powerful ability to help develop the whole child and significantly enhance academic results.  Arden’s program focuses on nurturing and developing the love of music through playing and performing in a range of ensembles across both the Junior and Secondary Campuses.  Every year a variety of performance experience are explored to expand and challenge our musicians.  Whether concerts, community, regional or international performances, there are many opportunities for students to be musically involved.

We offer an extensive on-site Music Tuition Program to support and develop the skills of our musicians, delivered by a highly skilled team of professionals.

We are very proud to have many alumni over the years inspired to successfully pursue music as a career choice because of the quality of their music education and performances experiences at Arden.

Junior Music Ensembles

Secondary Music Ensembles

Co-curricular Booklet

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