Canteen Menu

School Canteen Menu 2019

Canteen Locations

There is a canteen located on each campus.


The canteen relies on the support of parent volunteers and there is a roster for each campus. If you would like to sign up please contact the Canteen Manager Li Walmsley.

Opening Hours

Beecroft: 8am – 3pm

Epping: 10am – 2pm


The canteen can only accept Australian currency. Please DO NOT include FOREIGN CURRENCY with your order. The canteen at Beecroft has a no change policy and extra money will be considered a donation.

Online Order

All orders must be made through the Flexischools website.


At Beecroft campus the canteen operates on an orders only basis. There is no counter service although ice blocks, frozen yoghurts and noodle cups need to be ordered and then collected from the canteen. Orders for children at the Beecroft campus are collected in their class baskets and delivered to the classroom in time for recess and lunch.

The Epping campus canteen primarily operates with counter service offering a wide range of healthy food choices for secondary students. Orders can be placed at Epping campus and should be written on an envelope with the money enclosed. This should be placed before school in the orange box located next to the Canteen door. The lunch order can then be picked up at the canteen from the beginning of lunch time.


The Canteen Manager for Beecroft and Epping is Li Walmsley who can be reached at Beecroft on (02)9484 1146. The phone number for the Canteen at Epping is (02)9869 2644.