The Arden learning journey commences with an engaging Pre-School program for three and four year old girls and boys. Our program offers young children the ideal environment to prepare for more formal schooling.

About our Pre-School

Our Pre-School is licensed to cater for a maximum of 25 children per day and operates between 8.30am and 2.45pm. We have three full-time staff on duty each day. In general, children who are three years old by 1 February attend on Thursdays and Fridays while children who are four years old by 1 February make up the older group and attend on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

All children are able to attend Arden’s Before and After School Care programs. 

A caring and supportive environment

Like all Arden staff members, our Pre-School staff make sure that each child feels safe and well cared for. We want each child to develop as a unique individual within the context of a caring and supportive Christian environment. Our partnership with parents starts here—an essential and ongoing aspect of education at Arden.

Active learning

Our Pre-School staff provides guided and unstructured experiences that tap into the natural curiosity and desire of young children to investigate and discover new things about the world. Our early learning program also allows for the promotion of social skills, emotional training, as well as physical and cognitive development.  

A smooth transition

The Arden Pre-School is located within the Junior School, and so the children receive both incidental and planned opportunities that prepare them for the transition to formal schooling. The Pre-School and Junior School share similar break times, there are visits to Junior School facilities, such as the library and Junior School staff members also come to the Pre-School to work with the children.